Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Poop Cables.

Alright then.. first two classes down and its pretty basic stuff; introductions, course outlines, the usual. The first two classes were Animal Science and Intermediate Spanish I, basically an easy science course and some spanish class eqivalent to one I took in high school, not really worried about those two.  The other three, Eithics, Science and Inquiry, and Intro to Asian and Christian Philosophies worry me a bit. I havent heard much about them in terms of difficulty or work load, those aspects rely on the professors most of the time, so we shall see what I'm in for later. My next class is at 4pm, and where I am its currently 1:47pm. I have like three fucking hours to do nothing, and I have considered my options. I cant go buy books because some fool tried to use my debt card online for $1.34 and I had it shut down for fraud detection; the new card didnt get to my house in time so I'm without a money source for a few days. Extremely inconvenient for me.

My face when the bank called me last week.
I dont have any homework, yet, but for now I'm work free. I could register for the online work site for spanish class but the code I need comes with one of the goddamn books I need to buy. So I'm basically behind schedule already because some jackass was greedy. Thanks random jackass.
My face right about now.