Tuesday, September 7, 2010

All Settled In.

Yesterday was quite the eventful day for me. The two hour trip back to school felt like 15 minutes and before I knew it I was carrying all my belongings into a small room three floors up. My Mom was freaking out because she basically thought the room sucked. I just thought it needed a little touching up, and by that I meant we had to pile all of our stuff in the room so it looked like people actually lived there instead of a blank room where the school occasionally bread cockroaches (there were none in the room). So after we got all moved in the roommate and I sat down for a few games of Mario kart 64 and NHL '99, fuckin' old school. It really made me look forward to this semester though.

What happened that night was fun, but quickly turned into a shitty experience. My roommate Nick and I know some friends who lived in our freshman hall last year who have a house this semester, and its a damn nice house. Anyway, we get to the house and start throwing back shots, I didn't expect to get completely plastered. I figured maybe four shots and a beer, which is what I had over maybe half an hours time. I figured I'd enjoy being tipsy and a little drunk the whole night and not go all out. But I forgot one major point of drinking, that tolerance goes down the longer you don't drink, and over the entire three month summer break, I drank twice. So whether I liked it or not, I was going hard. I guess its just this state, people tell me they go hard here. But I learned a valuable lesson lastnight.. one that I shouldve been able to figure out on my own but I guess NOT. Long story short I had some laundry to do today. But classes start tomorrow and I really gotta buckle down and smash on these classes; its extremely important that I do.