Thursday, September 9, 2010


Had a damn fun night. Played the mario kart 64 drinking game (beerio kart) with some friends. The basic premise is to finish an entire beer before you finish the race, but you must come to a complete stop before you drink. Walked to get food, talked, and watched hilarious youtube videos, just like old times. Yea, its a bit different than the old times, but hell, I cant live for the past, its counterproductive to the present and future, and I can only say as I did before, that I am extremely content with past events, and with most everything that's occurring in my present. And I can only be enthusiastic about whats to come. But yea, I'm gonna quit the tika taka typin cuz the roommate has an 8am tomorrow and currently its a quarter to 1am. Later friends, and thanks for all your support!