Thursday, September 2, 2010

Heading back to school.

Well, I return to college in the next few days. Its very exciting; I get to see all my college friends again, but at the cost of leaving my home town, which I love, and missing my hometown friends, most of which have already left for college. It's strange being one of the last to leave. You'd think, "Sweet! I have two more extra weeks of summer than everyone else!" but its nothing like that. It's more just sitting around and waiting for your time to come. In my case, its a couple of my friends who are still here, and I, hanging out, gaming, and cruising around our once again quiet town. What adds to this effect is the fact that the local high schools all started class today, bringing a very nostalgic feeling with it. Its like the volume of the place just went down a few notches; to be honest its even a little sad, that the kids who make the town what it is are gone, or leaving very soon.

Dont get me wrong, I fuckin' love college, but the town I live in.. its just something else. It's as much a part of all my friends and I as we're a part of it.

At least I can represent well in college.. heh

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