Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lazy Sunday.

Another eventful weekend for me; Friday a bunch of friends came to visit us and we headed to a party. Ended up not going until midnight so of course once we got to the place there was a banger in progress. The plan was to have me drive and someone else drive my car back to campus, but of course these two little high school girls who came with us were all like OMG IVE NEVER BEEN DRUNKN BEE-4 just couldnt help themselves.. so I had to take responsibility again. One of our good friends had a little too much to drink though, so taking care of him took priority, considering he fell into a ditch trying to pee.

Oh u.

SO after we let him empty his stomach a bit in the bathroom we decide its about time to get our buddy out of there, and as were walking out, the fucking cops are storming the place. I was acting cool and calm , just wanting to get my friend out and avoid anyone getting arrested, but I realized after that I had a water bottle full of vodka in my pocket, which is the oldest trick in the book for concealing alcohol, because vodka looks like water for the most part. But at this huge party where everyone was obviously drinking, all the cops had to do was ask me for the bottle and I couldve been absolutely fucked. Luckily that didnt happen and the cops let us walk out. I think the fact that we were helping a friend get out in one piece showed the cops that we were all being relatively safe. One of them even asked me if we were 'babysitting' him, to which I responded yes.

Problem officer?
Long story short, we got back safely, and although I couldve been arrested, and couldve been stuck without a ride because our original DD couldnt resist peer pressure, and aforementioned annoying high school friends wouldnt shut the fuck up until 6am (got maybe half an hour of sleep), it was a pretty fun night. Saturday everyone went back home because they all live in this state and I sat in my room playing Halo. I was content with it, to be honest. I left the room around 11:30pm to get food, was planning on driving to the calzone place up the street but then I considered burger king. Didnt realize I forgot my wallet until AFTER I ordered, so I ended up speeding out of BK and getting a calzone anyway. But today I've got some reading to do and then the week begins again. I'm basically taking in college life as it comes.

Oh and one more thing, I just recently bought an 80GB iPod classic off eBay for $90. Its a bit scratched up and it has the infamous error 1430, the one that prevents the iPod from syncing with iTunes (which I was aware of when I bought it). I researched the error and found that it can be easily fixed my using my MacBook's disk utility to wipe and reformat the hard drive entirely.

Here's the problem, I've tried fixing the problem through all means of hard drive formatting and firmware downgrading and updating etc. etc. and my final diagnosis is that it needs a hard drive replacement, which could cost me another $130 to repair. It does make the telltale clicking noise that means a busted drive. But before I go to Apple, does anyone else know of a possible fix, preferably something short of cracking the thing open? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I Sold My Soul to The Open Road.

Been a pretty boring weekend actually, as opposed what Thursdays post said. No parties or anything went down on Friday so roommate and I made a trip to the local shaws to get stuff for his one week fruit and vegetable diet. As a glorified carnivore I couldnt really follow but I think it'll be interesting to see how this turns out. On the plus side we have a pineapple just chillin' in the room. After that we both bought Halo: Reach, or should I say, gave in to the hype of Reach and bought. We played through the entire co-op campaign on normal difficulty that night and continued playing matchmaking until like 3 o'clock in the fucking morning. It is a great game but its already eaten up more of my time then I'd like.


Saturday started off pretty typical. Roommate headed out early for hockey etc. etc. leaving me to do whatever. Ended up watching a bit of a movie with a friend (and by friend I mean girl I really like) and kinda just hanging around, really boring. But on a different topic, its starting to get annoying (to me) how nervous I get around this girl. I mean, I always used to be a little edgy around her last year, but not as much as now, I could always keep up conversation but now I'm kind of just standing there being quiet. My hypothesis is the fact that she recently became single at the beginning of the semester and that I feel like have a chance with her... Its also just me being paranoid; I need to learn to stay cool and not be that quiet little kid, too afraid of awkward situations. Its funny how I'm going through this at 19 years old but I guess we all have our trials at some point in life, even if it is a little late.

Reflecting on this and planning to have a raging good week/weekend this time around.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

A quick post before bed.

I need new head phones.. Ive had these amazing bose in ear headphones for a couple years and the left one blew out :/ Luckily I found new ones for like $60 on amazon. The extent of my night was chugging Jagermeister and going to watch Jimi Hendrix videos in the dorm lounge.


After that played some card games and watched Jersey Shore (lolololololol) with the homies. Pretty typical night. Tomorrow will be more exciting. Goodnight internet!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Quote.

“When we have provided against cold, hunger and thirst, all the rest is but vanity and excess.” - Seneca

Mind Eraser, No Chaser

You may think from the title that this post will be about ridiculous partying and waking up in an unknown location, naked. But its really the title of a great song by Them Crooked Vultures that I've recently become obsessed with.

The band consists of Josh Homme and some other guitarist whose name I cant recall, from Queens of The Stone Age, Dave Grohl on drums, and John Paul Jones, the guy who played bass for Led Zeppelin, which is awesome. They have a great sound.

Back on topic though, I'm pretty much used to my 2nd year of college lifestyle; its all sunk in pretty well and I've learned my schedule. It still is a bit strange not living down the hall from all my friends, but I do still see them a lot. Now all I can do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride, after I finish that paper.. and reading those twenty pages.. and possibly find a job.. but hey, that's college.

More off topic but sort of on topic since I'm about to play it; Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic II has sucked up 19 hours and 44 minutes of my time in total. I did finally progress on stupid Nar Shadda; all I has to do was complete more quests. This may sound a bit distressing because I'm in college, but this is spread out over a couple weeks, and I always check for homework I have before firing up the old 'box. Surprisingly, I haven't had as much homework as I thought I would. A decent amount, but less than predicted. It's nice, less stress ya know?

More time for internets.
Relatively short post this time but I'm looking over some materials before my next class, Ethics. Its proven to be a bit confusing, and the Yugoslavian professor, who is very relaxed mind you, hasn't done much to alleviate this confusion. Hopefully I'll get the hang of it.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Summer Teeth.

Let us catch up a bit, starting from Saturday:

My roommate had a hockey game and was gone from about 3:30pm till way later. I pretty much vegged out and played Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic II (awesome game). But its been kind of frustrating seeing as whenever I get to Nar Shadda, a critical event in the game that progresses the story just never happens, leaving me with nothing to do, and this is the SECOND time its happened.

My face when the game glitched AGAIN.
The last time this happened I restarted the game because there was a certain way I wanted to play through the story, but this time I just got the fuck off Nar Shadda and went to Korriban for some Sith Academy fun. On the bright side, I have a red double bladed lightsaber so I can kick more ass then before. 

But anyway, the roommate returns later that night with a couple friends I had met before, as well as a nice big bottle of Jagermeister and an 18 pack of Coors Light (not my preferred choice of beer, but good beer is for enjoying); the night was going to be eventful after all. After a pre-game match of beerio kart, we made our way down the line in search of a party. Sort of unorthodox for me, seeing as we'd be better off just drinking in the dorms with the rest of our friends instead of going to a random ass party, but I was open to anything. So to speed up the story, we go to this random house with disco lights and a DJ, and everyone's just standing and talking, kinda awkward. What was more awkward was that everyone we asked said that it was just a pregame. This threw me off guard because, shit, they had disco lights and a loud fucking DJ. Basically it sucked and we felt awkward so we left for a friends place; this is where the night takes a turn for the better. 

This was about to happen.
Dog's face after lady hangs herself.
We arrived at our friends place as they were watching the last 30 minutes of "A Haunting in Connecticut", a movie I find particularly creepy because I'm originally from Connecticut. But when we finished watching it, we started discussing scary movies and some particularly old ones that were more funny than they were scary. From this point, hilarity ensues. We started with a scene from the original Omen, from 1976; there's a scene where this lady is at Damien's (the spawn of satan) birthday party and she sees a dog. Now the dog is just standing there, panting and looking like a normal damn dog, but the lady is seriously grilling the dog as the movie keeps zooming in on her and the dog's eyes. Then she jumps from the roof with a noose around her neck. I can honestly say I havent laughed that hard at a movie that was supposed to be frightening since Lady in The Water.

After some more hilariously funny horror movies, we moved out back to the room at like 3am, pretty fun night. Sunday consisted of hanging out with some other friends while roomie had a girl over. Apparently nothing happened but its not like I was gonna stick around and ruin any potential chances. Wound up drinking a margarita and watching The Sixth Sense, M. Night Shamylan's last good movie. 

And Today was pretty typical.. class till 1, and have one more at 4pm. Now that I actually have my course books I should probably get to my reading assignments.. Later friends.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hilarity Ensues

First Friday of the semester was pretty fun. Volunteered to drive some friends to a party which was cool. People say DDing sucks always but I find that its fun in moderation. Plus I always find my own ways to have fun being sober at a banger; my roommate mentioned to me that if we collect a gallon of can tabs then we can get a free keg for the new years party at his house, and we already have about a full solo cup of tabs. So last night I was talking with some friends and, obviously, noticed that there were tons of empty beer cans laying around the party, as there are at pretty much every party. So I started walking around collecting them, and it actually took a decent amount of time for someone to notice what I was doing. But when someone did notice, and actually questioned me about it, I responded with, "I dunno man like, I took some acid tabs and these things, they just look so pretty." Best response ever, the guys face was priceless. I ended up filling my entire back pocket with can tabs, quite the catch eh?
Anyway, after the horrible parking situation was resolved and I was actually able to move my car out of the drive way, we promptly left at about 1 am. It was an interesting night to say the least, and we shall see what happens tonight. I'm completely content with hanging out and watching tv or whatever; I don't necessarily need to party to have fun, although parties are fun as hell.